Love from a man’s point of view.

Love from a mans point of view

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day that the world say is dedicated to love. I would like to think that every day is dedicated to love, but anyone can see that’s not always the case. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m a man, not because I don’t love my fiancé, but because it’s a … [Read more...]

Life is like a vapor, every second is a gift.


Imagine that you woke up this morning and on your doorstep is $86,400. There is a note attached to the money and it reads: "You will receive a $86,400 each day. At the end of the day any of this money left over disappears. The money cannot be stored or transferred and at any moment, without … [Read more...]

Teach the children…a Christmas story.


Late one Christmas Eve, I sank back, tired but content, into my easy chair. The kids were in bed, the gifts were wrapped, the milk and cookies waited by the fireplace for Santa. As I sat back admiring the tree with its decorations, I couldn't help feeling that something important was missing. It … [Read more...]

Negative reactions and the opinions of others


It’s a fact of life that you are exposed to the opinions of others. Let’s face it, sometimes those opinions don’t line up the same as yours. It’s not enough that we have to take in the opinions and thoughts of family members, coworkers and friends but we also have to contend with the opinions of … [Read more...]

One question to uncover your purpose.


Have you ever thought your purpose will remain a mystery until that one big “ah-ha” moment when you're thrust into it feet first? Purpose, meaning, destiny and passion are a central theme in almost everyone’s life. People instinctively want to know what life holds for them. More importantly, they … [Read more...]