Meet Aaron


“Genuine, caring, honest and self-made. Faith, at times the only light in long dark nights, and the desire for helping others have created this strong and unique man called Aaron.” -Sophie Gagnon


Aaron Wesley Hannah went missing and for some presumed dead. 8 Years later he returned home a changed man greeted by family and friends, but they sensed something different about him. His smile was still intact but his demeanor was hardened.

To this day Aaron has hidden the truth about what happened in those 8 years. What has been said, has intrigued the countless people that have heard his stories. Armed only with an experience of a lifetime, an eclectic understanding of life and a heart to help others Aaron is determined to help people live a more conscious life.

What others say about Aaron Wesley Hannah…

“Aaron is a very brilliant young man. He has great character and carries himself very well. He has no problem jumping in feet first to work on projects and fix problems. I’m honored to call this young man a friend of mine.”
- Joe Hickman

“Aaron is talented and very creative with the invaluable (and rare) ability to see things through to completion. He is an idea man, and can manage from drawing board to finished project.”
- Terry Dismore

“Aaron is a go to guy! He is always willing to help and assist in any way that he can. He’s professional, creative, and upbeat and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend him.”
- Alicia Garner

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Aaron is a trainer and consultant of more than 13 years. He is a nationally certified EMT and is recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives for his character and courage. He currently holds an instructor status with the American Heart Association and Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

Aaron holds a religious degree in Biblical Studies, more than 17 certifications through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has extensive training and advanced studies in emergency management, wilderness survival, personal protection, leadership, psychology,  and marketing.

He currently resides in Columbus, OH where he is the Training Consultant for the Columbus based SOS Technologies, a national emergency management company. In his spare time Aaron enjoys time spent with his family and volunteering for several local charities.