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Aaron Wesley Hannah About this website.

This website is an extension of Aaron’s heart to help people and add value to their lives through practical and actionable resources. He writes on leadership, philanthropy, personal development, business, survival and exploration. At times you may notice resources that don’t fit easily within these topics.

Meet Aaron Wesley Hannah.

IMG_8663v2Aaron is a Professional Trainer, Speaker and Consultant of more than 14 years. He had been defined by his jovial, lighthearted and common sense approach to life. One religious leader said that Aaron “ on the Grow and Go! He’s got a passion to help people and his attitude is contagious.”  While others have said that he is “a man with true Integrity, an obstacle overcomer and an admirable soul.”  People from all walks of life have mentioned his “creativity, brilliance and personable demeanor.”

Aaron has assisted the needs of Aaron Wesley Hannahpeople from all walks of life, backgrounds and economic statuses. His range of work has extended from executives to entrepreneurs, from non-profits to international organizations, from Government agencies to private companies. He has touched countless live with his real-life anecdotes, practical training and hope giving wisdom.

As an EMT he provides live saving measure in life or death situations and regularly instructs others on how to do the same. Being recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives for his character and courage, Aaron strives to build world-class potential and champion leaders.

Aaron has amassed an eclectic and diverse collection of life experiences:

  • Trekked the Darien Gap.
  • Lived among the Chocó tribes.
  • AAU Gold medal winner in Martial Arts.
  • Played Soccer in shanty towns of Mexico.
  • Was on the ground during 5 of the 10 most destructive hurricanes.
  • Spent two years living in the tropical wilderness of Florida.
  • Voluntarily provided disaster response on multiple landscapes across North America

Aaron Wesley HannahHe is a nationally certified and Ohio Licensed EMT and he currently holds an instructor status with the American Heart Association and Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

Aaron holds a religious degree in Biblical Studies, more than 25 certifications through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Ohio Emergency Management Agency. He has extensive training and advanced studies in emergency managementwilderness survival, leadership, psychology,  and marketing.

Aaron Wesley HannahHe currently resides in Columbus, OH where he is the Training Coordinator for the Columbus based SOS Technologies, a national emergency management company. In his spare time Aaron enjoys time spent with his family and volunteering for several local charities.

What others are saying.

Aaron is an insightful person. He is an observer of all and has much to say when you ask for his take on the matter.

Sharon Sykora

His experience level and enthusiasm really stood out to me. I really enjoyed how he presented the information in a bold manner.

T. J. Faulkner

Aaron delivers in a very clear, personable and to the point manner. The facts and statistics were an interesting highlight and he was able to keep our attention.

Alan Riggenbach

I liked Aarons manor of relaying information. He also presented with humor.

Elizabeth Hamann
I want more stuff like this!

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